Saving Money Takes Time and Patience

Saving Money Takes Time, and Patience

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Patience is a virtue. That’s what they say, right?

In order to save money, you’re going to need lots of patience.

If you want to save money, you’re going to have to have the patience to walk instead of drive. It saves you money on gas, parking and in addition, it saves you the stress of driving.

Walking improves your health and well being while saving gas and parking money!

Be patient: compare before you buy

From personal clothing to gym memberships, from plumbing services to insurance plans, from car accessories to a new home. Compare the offers of 3 to 5 suppliers or service providers before finally settling on one. Let them know that you’re taking the time to research the market and they just might be able to offer you the best savings.

Use coupons as much as possible.

Be patient in cutting them out and going through them before making a purchase. Pack them together with your grocery bag or in the car so you can use the discounts at every opportunity. You can save $20 – $50, just by using the coupons.

I love using this app to save a ton of money when I shop online, AND I get cash back when I shop! You can too!

Track your expenses.

Have the patience to keep your receipts and record all your expenses, no matter how small or frequently they occur.

This will make you actually think about where every single penny goes.

Furthermore, you’ll also know when you’ve spent too much on clothes, when in fact you still need to settle your credit card balance, or pay the mortgage. You will have a better hold of your financial health, by patiently tracking your finances.

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Hold-off and sleep on it! If you’re about to purchase an expensive item, hold off on making the purchase until you’ve given it some thought, say sleeping on it for 1-2 nights. If you decide that you absolutely have to buy the item afterward, go ahead. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save by just “sleeping on it” and thinking things over.

Put some money into a long-term investment.

Understand that when you make a long-term investment, you don’t need the money for now, and it’s not considered a part of your daily finances. However, this money will bring you awesome rewards in the future.


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