5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food

5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food

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Thinking of cutting down your expenses? One of the easiest ways to cut your expenses is to take a peek into your food budget. There are so many subtle ways to save money on food, that you won’t even notice a difference.

Here are 5 Easy ways to save money on food:

The first of our 5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food is for coffee drinkers.

It’s a good idea to re-use the grounded coffee once. Using coffee grounds two times or more doesn’t drastically affect the taste of the coffee. I’d suggest that you do this using a permanent filter, and avoid the paper kind. Keep the grounds refrigerated until you’re ready to use them the following day.

For bread lovers

Grocery stores sell bread that was made the day before at a much lower price. There is absolutely nothing wrong with eating bread that was made the day before because it’s still perfectly fine to eat. When you buy ‘fresh’ bread, unless you devour the entire loaf the same day, you’re going to have it hanging around the next day anyway. What’s the diff?

When buying from the grocery store

Before going to the grocery store, you should always have a list of the things that you really need.

Prioritize the basics, and avoid buying things that you don’t really need. Check out the prices on the displays.

Remember, branded products cost much more than store brands. It’s also a good idea to keep the receipt of your previous trip to the grocery and use it as a base for future shopping trips.

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To get more savings, buy more of the sale product. You can always store it in your freezer to minimize your trips to the grocery store.

If you have kids, leave them at home

I don’t care if you have to leave them with a neighbor, your mom, etc., but I always found that when I took my kids grocery shopping with me, I ALWAYS spent more money. Always!

Kids want everything they see. And they want everything that some stupid commercial convinced them that they absolutely need to have.

Don’t invite frustration. Leave those little buggers at home.

Eating Out

If you are going to eat in a pricey restaurant, the best time for you to do that would be during lunch.

Food on the lunch menu usually costs less than the same dish on the dinner menu (I’m serious. Check it out next time).

When staying at a hotel on trips, check if the hotel includes breakfast in your total room charge.

You should also find out where the locals eat. They always know where to get the best food at the best prices.

When you’re touring the city, pack some snacks to chase away the munchies. Healthy snacks like trail mix or granola bars will help keep your energy up, and keep the ‘hangrys’ at bay.

Eating cheap does not necessarily mean that the food is sub-par. Look around and you’ll be surprised at the cheap options that’re available.

Make it a priority to find good deals, so that you will not only eat a lot better, but you’ll save a lot too.

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Peace 🙂


5 Easy Ways to Save Money on Food

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